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Acervo Nova Eletrônica

This blog is dedicated to the rescue and sharing of valuable technical articles found in reports and projects published in the old Nova Eletrônica magazine by the well-known Editora Técnica Eletrônica (EDITELE), between 1974 and 1984.

It has been 10 years of publications aimed at the hobbysta public and for electronics technicians and engineers, and students of the subjects at the most vigorous moment of the national industry, in the middle of technological monopoly era and national politics of informatics. It was a time of transition, where the exchange of technical information with the outside was hampered by protectionism for an incipient and still very fragile national industry that could barely crawl into the future.

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Liber Books BR- A Biblioteca Libertária

Hello, welcome to LIBER BOOKS BR, the Liberal Brazilian Library of Sciences.

Our proposal is to disseminate knowledge through the sharing of excellent quality eBooks.

We hope you enjoy our collection, ranging from books on Actuarial Sciences, Exact Sciences, Human Sciences, Social Sciences and other areas, from adventure books, fiction, drama and novels to comic books, magazines and technical magazines that we both love to read during our lives!

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Mega da Engenharia

This page has the purpose of acting as a permanent exchange media among the professors of the various Engineering courses of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) throughout Brazil and other Lusophone countries (soon, also in English and Spanish).

The main function of the website is to present the academic content, with technical-didactic material, tests and templates of the various disciplines of Engineering and to serve as a channel for the dissemination of events, news, information exchange, opportunities and vacancies of jobs and internships in the area, of courses of specializations and post-graduations and also be a means of contact and coexistence among the colleagues of the several Engineering courses.

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Safety Way Consultoria & Suporte Técnico

Safety Way is a result of the boldness of professionals who, over the years, have acquired and developed expertise in Engineering, Industrial Process Optimization, Project Management and Quality Management, implementing activities and services for various companies and industrial activities.

Over the years, these professionals lived by the values that defined them, shaped their positions, and differentiated them from others in their areas of practice.

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