Hello, welcome to my personal blog.

My name is Roberto Carlos Teixeira. I’m a bachelor’s degree in Production Engineering, graduated in 2015 from Universidade UNIGRANRIO. This blog serves as my vehicle for the publication of personal articles and research in the various Engineering areas.

It is also my contact and permanent exchange channel with other brazilian engineers and universities, as well as engineering companies, technology media channels and other sources of engineering material in general.

The blog’s objectives are the technical material dissemination, the discussions promotion in the Engineering area and the events & news dissemination, information exchange, and also serve as a contact and coexistence means among Engineering colleagues.

Thinking about:

I have intended here to carry out the effective integration with professional colleagues of the Engineering, Technological and Exact Sciences, with the institutions working in the area in Brazil and overseas, for the joint efforts and to contribute to the success of Engineering courses, with the scientific, technological and industrial progress, the promotion of production and intellectual activity, and the development and creation of solutions for the many problems we face today, for which, the Engineering can provide good solutions.

In such a critical moment as we live now, not just in our country, but around the world, we need to contribute any ideas that can serve as collateral for a sustainable future, for ourselves and for our heirs.

Tomorrow is built today, being paved by our aspirations, our efforts and our ideas. We are today the result of what we dream of decades ago, since our first crawl, since our first steps, our first words, our first hits and misses.

We synthesized the conquest of our efforts since then. Today is the result of yesterday’s dream. And similarly, our tomorrow will be the result of the today’s dream.

The dream of the past becomes the present, the dream of this builds our tomorrow.

We can not do without our ability to dare, our ability to transform the world around us. At times, I find myself reflecting on what I did over my journey in this life.

And I still keep surprising me to have been able to see what I saw, to have done what I did, and to know that there is still much in me to do,it remains at the bottom of my soul the certainty that my mission is not yet fulfilled.

Thanks, my Lord!

And having said that, I remember the wise words of a man beyond of his time, and who dared to fulfill his dreams, that always inspire me to continue on this journey, until my mission is fulfilled:

Welcome everyone! Carpem Diem!

Thee I grant you!

Eng. Roberto Carlos Teixeira